Chimney Rebuilding
When the mortar joints, bricks and cap on your chimney deteriorate   we will fully remove your existing chimney and rebuild it back to the existing height with new bricks and install a new concrete cap or crown.
If the bricks of a chimney have maintained their structure but the mortar joints are falling apart, often a chimney will only need to be tuckpointed. We will grind out damaged mortar joints and repack ground joints with new mortar.
One crack in your chimney cap can lead to water entering the interior of the chimney, which leads to brick and mortar breakdown. We will remove your existing chimney cap and construct a new, 4" concrete chimney cap with bond break, durawall and drip edge.
Indoor Fireplace Restoration
Often, older fireplaces within a home need to be restored. We can assist in restoration of the tiles around the firepleace, interior firebrick and smoke chamber.
If you're looking to upgrade your fireplace from wood buring to gas, or have a new fireplace built​, we are a complete source for all of your hearth needs. 
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